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“I cannot begin to say enough amazing things about this place. My book club just had another meet-up here.This was our 2nd because the 1st was SO MUCH FUN! The shop owner is just the sweetest little thing. I like her because not only is she knowledgeable, but very non-judgmental and the kind of person you really feel like you can be open and honest with regarding your bedtime activity.I've never known a shop owner to be so helpful and so non sales-person-ish.

-Tiffany G.

“What great customer service. We went in not knowing a thing about what we were doing, and got not only a great product but great customer service. Thank you for all the help.”

-Matt E.

“My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this store completely by accident and we're so happy we did!

This store has a great selection of high-end and high quality toys for women, men, and couples. They only have the best--things that are designed to and known to ‘get the job done’ and not just ‘novelty.’ They also carry books, some ‘kinky items’, and these great massage candles in a variety of scents.

The owner was amazingly helpful, kind, and patient. She knows her stuff and really makes you feel at home in her store. You don't have to be shy talking to her about what you are there for and if you are shy about being seen there, you can arrange a private consultation.

The owner's grandma wrote a book at the age of 93 called ‘Shut Up and Live, You Know How.’
This book has a chapter on sex and points to a study that shows that people who have more orgasms live longer. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as they say. How cool to be raised by women who are so self-aware and comfortable with their bodies.”

-Aja D.

“I walked in here with my significant other and started giggling like a Japanese schoolgirl when I saw the wall full of high-tech adult toys, whips, and other unique items that suck, vibrate, paddle, and know where to find the g-spots on ladies and gents.

I wish I knew the name of the lady who helped us, she was confident, knowledgeable, and patient as I stood there blushing and laughing like a wild hyena when I picked up a box a nipple suction cups. Who knew? This woman has no shame when it comes to talking about the goods in the store. I wish more of us could be like that...

Downstairs they have an amazing little lingerie boutique. They have some of the sexiest, most affordable, quality lingerie I have seen in a long time. And the nice lady was cool when my obnoxious fiancé yanked open the dressing room curtain to give me another pair of panties to try on, exposing my bum to the other ladies shopping in the store. Um, thanks honey.

I picked up a few surprises for our honeymoon.

I really recommend this place for couples that are serious about their intimate life. You won't find any cheesy novelties or videos that would make many women uncomfortable.”

-Amanda S.

“This place is NOT your gross, creepy porn store. It's very nice, classy and inviting and the sales lady will answer all your questions, even the ‘where does this go’ ones. :)”

-Mike S.

“This place is awesome. The owner helped me and showed me around her sales floor. It was a very personal experience and she made me feel right at home. This place is such a step up from most sex shops. Very elegant and discreet. Would recommend to everyone.”

-Chris P.

“My boyfriend and I came here because we were searching for a high-quality place that did not feel sleazy. The person who showed us around made us feel super comfortable (my boyfriend and I are pretty new to the game). It was totally empowering to be able to talk about sexuality like that, and so beyond the amazing product I bought, it was also just a great experience.”

-Melanie G.

“After 23 years of marriage, my wife and I struck up the courage to check out an adult store. It was such a relief to walk in to such a classy place, the owner made us feel so at ease sharing her own stories and previous inhibitions. Nothing but super high quality products (fairly priced) here so if you're looking for cheap stuff you'll have to find a lower end place. My highest recommendation!”

-John Z.

“Some of the most beautiful lingerie I have come across! Very classy, amazing style & the very best! French lace, the softest robes, and pieces you can't find anywhere else. One stop shop. You will find everything that you need and a lot more! They are very knowledgeable, helpful, just amazing & so nice!”

-Molly H.

“This store is a delight. Whether you are looking for some sexy lingerie, a cozy robe or a fun new massage candle to kick start time with your honey, this store is worth a visit. Classy stuff and very affordable. The atmosphere is inviting and relaxed to make shopping easy and the owner is knowledgeable and passionate about all of her carefully selected products. She has so much to share. Every time I visit there is something new to discover. Stop in and have some fun!”

-Les L.